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Personal Achievements

A Taste For Revenge

Regain your humanity 10 times

A Death Feud

Regain your humanity 50 times

A Vengeance Insatiable

Regain your humanity 100 times

The Butcher

Slay all other heroes in an intro battle with 3 hard bots

Unstoppable Force

Get a kill streak of 12 against 3 hard bots

Vermin's Scourge

Kill a total of 100 monsters

Dragon's Bane

Kill a total of 666 monsters

The Lonely Miser

Spend a total of 1000 gold

The Wealthy Merchant

Spend a total of 5000 gold

The Gilded Baron

Spend a total of 10000 gold

The Novice Scholar

Discover 25% of entries in the vault

The Acclaimed Collector

Discover 50% of entries in the vault

The Renowned Antiquarian

Discover all entries in the vault

Lloyd and Goliath

Slay a giant monster with a pebble

Goliath and Goliath

Slay a giant monster with a boulder

Adequately Equipped

Discover all weapons in the vault

Manic Greed

Clear out a store by buying every item

The Gamekeeper

Pass a vault challenge

The Beastmaster

Pass 10 vault challenges

The Demontamer

Pass all the vault challenges

Stone Awoken

Pass the Gargoyle challenge

Burrowing Terror

Pass the Spikewurm challenge


Pass the Necromancer challenge


As a gnome, mine a total of 10 gold from heroes

A Duel of Archers

Win a 1 on 1 battle against the hero, while both wielding bows

Glub Blasphemed

Taunt Glub and win against 3 hard bots

S'hrim Denied

Taunt S'hrim and win against 3 hard bots

Qaahl Forgotten

Taunt Qaahl and win against 3 hard bots

Gor Disavowed

Taunt Gor and win against 3 hard bots

Gholoth Shunned

Taunt Gholoth and win against 3 hard bots

Brain Haemorrhage

Damage Kourok's exposed brain with a bomb creature

Brute Force Alone

Defeat Kourok without hitting any bombs into him

The Tentacle Severed

Defeat Kourok, playing against 3 hard bots

The Beast Beheaded

Defeat Ghidraak, playing against 3 hard bots

The Stone Shattered

Defeat Tezekcal, playing against 3 hard bots

A Bloody Conquest

Defeat a boss while bleeding for the entire fight

True Escape

Win a game without ever dying

The Sickly Champion

Defeat a boss while nauseated

A Piercing Bolt

Kill 3 monsters with a single crossbow bolt

Altered Altered Beast

Get two tombstone powerups on one monster

A Healthy Victory

Defeat Ghidraak with more health than when you started

Unceasing Lethargy

Min your hero's agility

Unfettered Strength

Max out your hero's strength


Win an intro battle without ever moving

Infinite Horror

Achieve the victory screen title "Infinite Horror"