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Personal Achievements

First Contact

Meet Flying Hawk

I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

Escape the Catacombs

Give them a Hand

Escape the Basement

Free Bird

Set Flying Hawk Free

What Ghost Up Must Come Down

Create a path for Elena

Itsy Bitsy

Escape the Trophy Room

Flower Power

Escape the Garden Maze

Irish He Was Alive

Set Darby free

Wine Not

Open the Wine Cellar passage

Ready Corset Ghost!

Set Fleur free

Family Reunion

Find your Dad

Fantastic Amphibian

Find the amazing frog

It's a Me, Boo

Find the Secret Room

What Does the Fox Say?

Find the fox

Rest Your Soul

Rest at a bonfire

This S**t is Bananas

Find the Animax logo

Light Light

Find the Night Light logo


Find the OUYA logo

Knight Light

Solve the Knight puzzle

Sixth Sense

Beat the game