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I'll be back!

Defeat Kentony's challenge.

I didn't lose, I let you win!

Defeat Betsy's Challenge.

Henk the Builder

Publish a level to the Steam Workshop.

Too funky for myself!

Beat Neil's Challenge.

Gnarly dude!

Beat Cedar's Challenge.

Enjoy it while it lasts

Beat Kentinator's Challenge.

Bronze beast

Earn a Bronze medal on all levels.

Silver slider

Earn a Silver medal on all levels.

Go gold, go gold!

Earn a Gold medal on all levels.

Taste the rainbow!

Earn a Rainbow medal on all levels.

Coin collector

Beat all bonus levels

The floor is lava!

Fall into the lava.

I want you!

Challenge a friend to beat your score.

The 1%

Beat 99% of all players on a level.

Take the stage

Win a multiplayer match.

What 9000!?

Press reset over 9000 times.
0 / 9,001


Die 100 times.
0 / 100

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