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Nade Thrower

Blow 'Em Up


Trip 'Em

15 Min Madness

Survive 15 Minutes In Menu

30 Min Madness

Survive 30 Minutes In Menu

60 Min Madness

Survive 60 Minutes In Menu

Zombie Hunter

Kill 50 Menu Zoms

Zombie Slayer

Kill 100 Menu Zoms


kill 500 Menu Zoms


Kill 1000 Menu Zoms


Kill 5000 Menu Zoms

Level 2

Zombie Hunter

Level 3

Zombie Slayer

Level 4


Level 5


Chomp Chomp

You'z Got Bit

Puzzle 1 Complete

Hard Ass Hooker

Puzzle 2 Complete

Some Tongue?

Puzzle 3 Complete

Chewy Dogz

Puzzle 4 Complete

Don't Smoke

Puzzle 5 Complete

Hell's For The Homeless

Puzzle 6 Complete

The Beauty Of Birth

Puzzle 7 Complete


Puzzle 8 Complete

Tea Party

Puzzle 9 Complete

Hawk Eye

Puzzle 10 Complete

Prep For Bravery

Puzzle 11 Complete

Dead Monk

Puzzle 12 Complete

Shekly Shot Eye

Puzzle 13 Complete

What's On Tv?

Puzzle 14 Complete

The Bride

Puzzle 15 Complete

Undeadz 4 Lyfe Yo

Puzzle 16 Complete

Killer Clown

Puzzle 17 Complete

Back To Back

Puzzle 18 Complete

Rasta Gonna Get Ya!

Puzzle 19 Complete

No Where To Run