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Personal Achievements

Survive the Destruction of Your Ship

Eject from your ship and survive to continue to the next mission (campaign only).

Virtual Gamer

Complete a mission in the simulator.

Play on Ace

Start a campaign mission playing on Ace difficulty.

Saving 'Em for Something Bigger

Complete a mission without firing a single missile (campaign only).

I was at Vega

Complete the Battle of Vega simulator mission series.

Capship Down!

Score the killing shot of a capship (campaign only).


Score more torpedo hits than required to take out a capship (campaign only).

The Free Republic of Vega

Complete the campaign.

Do not Abandon Hope

The Nozomi Maru must survive until she reaches Lyota Station.

We Don't Need Backup

Take out the B'tao P'ta Patrol Boats attacking the Canopus in the Eridani system.

Report Revi Presence in Eridani

Successfully escort the courier pilot, Flash, to the jump point.

Take the Honorable Route

The UEA Sirius must survive the encounter in Procyon.