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Personal Achievements

Master of Time

Finish the game in less than 10 hours in Hard Mode

Millennium Addict

Spend 20+ hours on the game

Mana Orb Collector

More than 100 Orbs collected

Resistance Orb Collector

More than 100 Orbs collected

Strength Orb Collector

More than 100 Orbs collected

Speed Orb Collector

More than 100 Orbs collected

Great Samaritan

Hard Mode Completed

Quest God

All quests completed


Held more than 30 000 Gold

Marine Killing Machine

500+ Kills for Marine

Myst Veteran

1000+ Fights

Great Explorer

20+ secret rooms found

Indy Jones Learned From Me

All secret rooms found

The Examiner

50+ items found


Kill all animal kings

Sherlock Learned From Me

Complete the game fully (all quests, secret rooms and animal kings)

Patient Traveller

Never use "Go Through" until the end of the game

The First Step

Play 1+ hour

Discovering Myst

Collect 10+ orbs

Everybody Has To Start

Complete 1 quest

Progressive Gamer

Complete 6+ quests


Find 5+ items

Baby Indy

Find 1+ secret room

Kid Indy

Find 5+ secret rooms

Gettin' On With the Job

Kill 10+ enemies with Marine

Takin' Off

Kill 100+ enemies with Marine

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