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Personal Achievements

A New Start

Start a new family with one or more surviving cub

Three Generations

Start a third generation

Five Generations

Start a fifth generation

Circle of Life

Game Completed

Compulsive Hoarder

Find all collectables
0 / 390

Maternal Instinct

All cubs survived to adulthood

Completely Cuckoo

Find all feathers
0 / 42

Sticks of Truth

Find all branches
0 / 107

Flower Power

Find all flowers
0 / 49

Acquired Taste

Find all mushrooms
0 / 39

Rolling Stones

Find all rocks
0 / 59

Natural Bedding

Find all leaves
0 / 87

Lynx Mother

All cubs survived to adulthood on survival mode

The High Life

All collectables in the Mountains found
0 / 100

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