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Personal Achievements

First Purchase

Buy your first equipment item.

I Am Superior

Win a Versus game.

Careful Planning

Destroy a boss with a 5x or greater combo.

Long Running Series

Play a Battle Chains series that reaches Round 5.

Victory is Mine

Complete the Campaign.

Spam This!

Destroy 100 Spamicopters.
0 / 100

Just Too Giving

Send over 500 enemies to opponents in Battle Chains games.
0 / 500

Seeing Red

Figure out a way to destroy a red Shadow enemy.

Combo Master

Reach a 50x combo.


Collect 100 powerups.
0 / 100

Catch 'em All

Collect each type of powerup at least once.


Equip an elite weapon in every standard weapon slot.


Amass 1,000,000 scrap.
0 / 1,000,000

Super Master

Obtain every superweapon.


Reach level 20.


Get your first Perk.

Unleash the Power

Use a superweapon ten times.
0 / 10


Destroy an enemy with a reflected projectile.

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