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Personal Achievements

We're not terrorists

Keep all the hostages alive

F**k the police

Don't negotiate with the guards

Stick together

Don't use the break room

Flesh-Reparation Kit

Cure 3 legs injuries

They won't see me coming

Get more than 50% of the hack progress via hack boost

We've been through worse

Keep Burden & Jack in one piece

I'm not a snitch

Don't confess a single time

The comedian

Don't let Burden get burnt

The Soldier

Don't beg

There are still things that bug me...

Tell more than 8 successful lies

The Doctor

Keep everybody alive

Human Experimentation

Discover the cure in less than 20 hours

Adrenaline Rush

Have a character's performance over 250%

One hell of a ride

Inject a lethal shot into someone without killing them

I don't like risks

Produce a safe antidote in less than 5 hours

Marvin loves you

Keep everybody alive

Sgt Burden

Give all speeches successfully

The Engineer

Repair the radio in just a week

The Psychiatrist

Don't let anyone become depressed


Have more than 15 bullets when rescued

Not on my watch

Reach the camp with 7 members alive


Beat 4 enemy patrols using just one soldier

Two Suns

Don't spend more than 25 hours sleeping


Never use more than 3 hours to travel between zones

Mission Accomplished

Reach the camp before the estimated time of departure

Let's talk about it

Don't shoot a single bullet

Don't Panic

Don't let oxygen go below 18%

More than words

Complete the level without persuading anyone

Moral Dilemma

Don't use the kid


Don't let more than ten million people die

Liam Ferohn-gau

Get to the peak with everybody alive


Reject all the shrine offerings

Winners don't use drugs

Don't use the doctor's shots on anyone

From zero to hero

Have Donald lead the climb more than anyone else

Speed climb

Get to the peak in less than 32 turns