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Are we dead yet?

Entered Limbo

Witching hour

Playing DreadOut on Thursday night


Took a picture of Shakira Irawati

Ghost Rider

Took a picture of Pocong on a motorcycle

Attack on Titan

Took a picture of Genderuwo

They come in peace

Took a picture of UFOs

Stay hungry

Took a picture of Sundel Bolong at the school cafeteria

#cat #cute #funny #lol

Took a picture of the cat


Found an article

All planets perfectly alligned

Solved a puzzle

Cloud connected

Added any picture to the gallery

Book of the Dead

Collected all ghost pictures

Tomb Reader

Collected all articles

DreadOut true experience

Endured all the scary moments on DreadOut so far

Tomb Ridller

Solved all puzzles

Power up

Collected all special items

Betsy & Friends

Took a picture of Betsy

We're a Happy Family

Banish many Pocongs in single shot

Got Ahead

Took a picture of Gundul Pringis

Sweet Child O Mine

Solved the mistery of the crying widow

Inner Beauty

Took a picture of Palasik

Wrong Turn

Reached an alternate ending

#instafood #foodism #f00dp0rn


Take It Easy

Playing DreadOut with convenience

My Way or The Highway

Playing DreadOut without any clues

Call Me Maybe

Dial the correct number

Cat Attack!

It's a cute way to die

Let It Go!

Resistance is futile against the hand of fate

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