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Personal Achievements

Mister Driller

Guide Wotan's drilling machine into the deep

The Dark Eye

Gaze into the Dark Eye

Keeper of Words

In the Sleepless Sea, find and talk to Archer

Digital Archaeologist

In the Scrapyard, find and talk to Matheson

Boars that Bore

Find all there is to find in Workings.

Delver of the Deep

Find all there is to find in Deep Delve

A Home Lost

Find all there is to find in Bhudevi

No Place for Roses

Find all there is to find in the Scrapyard

Go Full Bore

Win a race against your rival

Don't Burn Bridges

Collect all the gems in "Attic" in a single attempt without exiting the room. "Breaking" previously collected gems still counts.

Pigs Posses no Pockets

View the credits with a completion percentage of 10% or less.

Prisoners of their Minds

Find the Full Bore Mining Company's missing miners

The Interloper

Deal with the so-called Dark Sun

Gone and Soon Forgotten

Twelve pools guard the way to where others fled. Try to follow them.

Ye Compleat Swyne

Find every Gem, Orb & Mystery and read all the Lore