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Personal Achievements


Increase an attribute score to 25.


Have an Armor Class of -15 or lower.


Have a Lore skill of 100 or more.

Grand Master

Become a Grand Master.

Flying Solo

Complete the game solo.

Lord of Murder

Complete the game on Legacy of Bhaal difficulty.

Friend of Volo

Complete the game on Story Mode difficulty.

Leave No Friend Behind

Finish the game without any party members dying.

Sacrifices Must Be Made

Finish the game with a full party of dead allies.


Reach 150 Hit Points.


Acquire Heroic reputation.


Acquire Despised reputation.

Murder Incarnate

Kill 1,000 creatures.


Become a Fallen Paladin or a Fallen Ranger.

Best Day Ever

Have Bless, Chant, and Luck active at the same time.

Worst Day Ever

Have Disease, Fatigue, and Poison active at the same time.

Picking Sides

Raised enough gold to hire assistance.

I'll Keep This

Acquire the warrior stronghold.

Spherical Stronghold

Acquire the wizard stronghold.

Guild Times

Acquire the thief stronghold.

Divine Domain

Acquire the cleric stronghold.

Orderly Surroundings

Acquire the paladin stronghold.

Cabin In the Woods

Acquire the ranger stronghold.

Home Grove

Acquire the druid stronghold.

The Play's the Thing

Acquire the bard stronghold.

Epic Mage

Reach level 30 with a Mage or Sorcerer.

Epic Rogue

Reach level 30 with a Thief or Bard.

Epic Warrior

Reach level 30 with a Fighter, Ranger, Paladin, Monk, or Barbarian.

Epic Priest

Reach level 30 with a Cleric, Druid, or Shaman.

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