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These are the Voyages...

Start a game with an empire named "United Federation"

Paradise Found

Colonize a Gaia planet

On the Rocks

Colonize an asteroid belt

Not much to look at...

BUT IT RAINS DIAMONDS. Colonize a world with the Diamond Rain special


Own a colony that has reached its population limit while being populated entirely by androids

Manifest Destiny

Use transports to move 10+ citizens (across any number of games) from one colony to another

For Science!

Unleash the plague bomb on a planet

Belter Pride

Have four or more citizens living on a single asteroid belt

How to Serve Man

Conquer Earth with a ground invasion

Resistance is Futile

Capture a planet while possessing the powers of assimilation

Kah Lee Mah!

Sacrifice a citizen from another race

Soylent Green

Sacrifice one of your own citizens


Conduct a foreign exchange

What could possibly go wrong?

Travel through a wormhole for the first time

Galactic Civilization

Control 8 or more colonies

I've made a huge mistake

Have a fleet run out of fuel in deep space

He who controls the Spice...

Control enough sources of Spice to gain the exploitation bonus

Moley Moley Moley

Use espionage to plant a mole in another empire


Win a game with a score modifier of at least 200%

Lady Harrington and No Mercy!

Have a salvo of at least 100 missiles in flight at a single time in a battle launched from the strategy map

Launch All Vipers!

Have at least 50 fighters deployed at the same time in a battle launched from the strategy map

Tougher than we look!

Win a ground combat as a race with the Timid trait

No Quarter

Eliminate a planetary population through orbital bombardment


Successfully lift another species to sentience

Point Defender

Have a single ship intercept and destroy at least 100 missiles in a single battle


Successfully threaten a race into giving you something they wouldn't have otherwise given you

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