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Personal Achievements

Cheepy Master

Recruit a top tier Cheepy
0 / 100

Undead Master

Sucker a top tier Undead into moving in
0 / 100

Elemental Master

Conjure a top tier Elemental into your building
0 / 100

Abyssal Master

Let a top tier Abyssal darken your doorstep
0 / 100

Demi-Human Master

Make room for a top tier Demi-Human
0 / 100

Demon Master

Invite a top tier Demon into your home
0 / 100

Chimerae Master

Domesticate a top tier Chimera
0 / 100

Movin' On Up

Add a second floor to your building
0 / 25

Great View From Here!

Add a third floor to your building
25 / 50

On Top Of The World

Add a fourth floor to your building
50 / 75

World Domination!

Complete the main quest
75 / 100

No Monster Left Behind

Let none die under your watch

The Kindly Landlord

Evict none throughout your campaign

Monsters Can Love, Too

Even love can bloom on the battlefield

Circle Of Life

Witness the miracle of monster reproduction

Blowin' This Popsicle Stand

Have a resident skip out on paying their rent

Back To The Grind

Have an unemployed resident find a new job

No Vacancies

Fill every possible vacancy
0 / 48

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