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Personal Achievements

Just one more

Complete 150 missions.


Kill 1000 enemies.

Hands in the air

Arrest 100 enemies.

Door Kicker

Breach 400 doors.

All hell breaks loose

Fire a total of 10000 rounds.

Keep Walking

Walk total 10000 meters.

Special Weapons and Tactics

Get one star in every Single Mission.

Elite Task Force

Get two stars in every Single Mission.

Textbook Material

Get three stars in all Single Missions.


Get 30 Perfect Plan Medals.

Lone Wolf

Get 30 One Man Army Medals.

Quick Thinker

Get 30 No Pause Medals.

Total Luck

Defuse a bomb with less than 1 second left.

Community Server

Fully complete campaign "A Hard Day's Work"

Drug Buster

Fully complete campaign "Drug Bust"

Cell Crusher

Fully complete campaign "The Cell"


Win a campaign in Iron Man Mode.

We know it all

Level-up your squad to maximum level.

I've seen it all

Level-up a trooper to maximum level.

We've seen it all

Have a squad of fully leveled up troopers.

We unlocked it all

Unlock all equipment / weapons.


Complete a mission arresting 6 or more bad guys and without killing any.

Counter Terrorists Win

Defuse 100 bombs.

Blind as a bat

Hit 5 enemies with the same Flashbang.

Hunker down!

Have a shield unit kill three enemies without moving.

Swift and Deadly

Kill 10 bad guys within 5 seconds, without letting them fire a shot.


Fully complete campaign "Terror at Sea"

Against the Odds

Fully complete campaign "Suits and Ski-Masks"

Enough for a Spark

Get 13 stars

Enough for a Union

Get 50 stars

I'm getting good

Complete 10 missions

Every life matters

Save your first hostage

First time is easy

Defuse your first bomb

Lucky guy

Handcuff your first bad guy

They can do it

Get your first Perfect Plan Medal

He can do it

Get your first One Man Army Medal

I'm doing it

Get your first No Pause Medal

Now I have a machinegun

Unlock the Assaulter class

No door too strong

Unlock the Breacher class

Better be Adamantium

Unlock the Shield Class

All around capability

Unlock all playable classes

Persistence is key

Get a 3 star result as an "improved result" on a mission

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