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Personal Achievements


Collect 8192 bits
7 / 8,192

Bouldar down!

Defeat Warlord Bouldar

General defeat!

Defeat General HB-02

No more Grand Khotep...

Defeat Grand Khotep Scarb


Defeat Grand Khotep Muer


Defeat the Ice-Beak Assassins

Down again!

Defeat General HB-03

Is it over?

Defeat the Emperor

It is over!

Defeat the Emperor

Number 1!

Win the tournament

Flawless victory!

Win the tournament without dying

Adventure Complete!

Complete the adventure mode!

Size doesn't matter!

Defeat the big boss without losing a life

Part collector!

Collect all 150 parts

Color seeker!

Find all 30 hidden colors


Find the Megabyte Punch arm part

Ancient Heights

Find the flying ruins

UP for a challenge!

Complete the frostbyte challenge level

Spending it wisely

Spend over 5000 bits in the shop
0 / 5,000

1000 Enemies down

Destroy 1000 enemies
3 / 1,000

500 Enemies down

Destroy 500 enemies
3 / 500

100 Enemies down

Destroy 100 enemies
3 / 100

Bare fists

Win the tournament with no ability parts equipped

Pelvic Thruster

Break 16 enemy shields with your pelvic thrust
0 / 16

Bouncy Bounce House

Bounce from the hot plates 10 times in a row

I believe I can jump

Jump 5 times in a row

Thinking of fast

Clear the Electro Caves Stage 1 within 30 seconds

Lethal League

Reflect a projectile 10 times in a row

Three Flowers

Find the hidden level

No prizes left!

Win all the special parts from the tournament.