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Personal Achievements

By the Power of Gray-Skill...

Wield the fire sword

Thor's Blessing

Unlock Mjolnir's power

I Will Have My Vengeance!

Defeat the Lizardmen King

Sock It to Me Nakatomi

Break the Magic Seal on Fafnir's Tower

If It Bleeds, You Can Kill It

Complete the game and earn Ending C

On the Wings of Glory

Complete the game and earn Ending B

Red Means Dead

Complete the game and earn Ending A

Let Off Some Steam, Bennett

Kill 4 enemies with a single charged spear attack

Nothing Can Stop Me

Block a projectile with the shield while in the air

You've Got the Touch, You've Got the Powah!

Obtain a Warrior Spirit

Wealthier than the King of Sweden

Collect a golden walrus statue

Viking Nipples of Steel

Complete any world without ever losing any equipment

4-Minute Abs

Complete any world in 4 minutes or less

Viking Legend

Complete the game with 10 or less retries (deaths)

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