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Lynx Teaser

Lift a lynx in the air by its tail

Deep Sea Diver

Dive the deepest well


Find all hidden rune orbs
0 / 26

Bird Fight

Get a daw to fight a buzzard


Hatch a bird


Feed the daw with prey

Mother of Many

Get a female rabbit to give birth to 8 babies

Air Strike

Get a buzzard to hit a lynx

Sliver hoarder

Carry a total of 130 slivers
0 / 130

Fatal Dash

Hurt a buzzard by letting it dash into a solid


Bring an animal from one area to another

Born To Kill

Hatch a buzzard and let it kill a lynx


Throw and Catch rabbit in mid air

Thorny Thistle

Hit an animal with a thistle

Danger From Above

Hurt an animal with a stone you dropped


Don't hurt anything


Never get critical health


Never get hurt

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