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Personal Achievements

German Commander

Complete the German Campaign on any difficulty

Soviet Commander

Complete the Soviet Campaign on any difficulty

Master of Tutorials

Complete all of the training missions

Boot Camp

Complete the basic training mission

Advanced Leadership Camp

Complete the Commander training mission

Leadership Camp

Complete the Squad Leader training mission

Support Camp

Complete the Support training mission

Armored Camp

Complete the Tank training mission

German Campaign 1

Beat German Campaign Chapter 1

German Campaign 2

Beat German Campaign Chapter 2

German Campaign 3

Beat German Campaign Chapter 3

German Campaign 4

Beat German Campaign Chapter 4

German Campaign 5

Beat German Campaign Chapter 5

German Campaign 6

Beat German Campaign Chapter 6

German Campaign 7

Beat German Campaign Chapter 7

German Campaign 8

Beat German Campaign Chapter 8

Soviet Campaign 1

Beat Soviet Campaign Chapter 1

Soviet Campaign 2

Beat Soviet Campaign Chapter 2

Soviet Campaign 3

Beat Soviet Campaign Chapter 3

Soviet Campaign 5

Beat Soviet Campaign Chapter 5

Soviet Campaign 6

Beat Soviet Campaign Chapter 6

Soviet Campaign 7

Beat Soviet Campaign Chapter 7

Soviet Campaign 8

Beat Soviet Campaign Chapter 8


Complete the full campaign on recruit or above


Complete the full campaign on soldier or above


Complete the full campaign on veteran or above


Complete the full campaign on hero


Complete two different defense missions while successfully completing the map without loosing the first objective

Soviet Campaign 4

Beat Soviet Campaign Chapter 4