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Personal Achievements

Satellite chaser

Complete the tutorial part of the game.

Master blaster

Destroy all drones in the Shooting Range in less than 30 seconds.

Ke ke ke

Acquire the Xerg light fighter.

Canadian handshake

Acquire the Canadarm heavy bomber.

For king and country

Acquire the Spitfire frigate.

The emperor protects

Acquire the Banzai heavy fighter.

The Knight

Destroy the Biterolf capital warship.

The Mystic

Destroy the Heinrich capital warship.

The Aviator

Destroy the Herrmann capital warship.

The Bard

Destroy the Tannhäuser capital warship.

The Armorer

Destroy the Walther capital warship.

The Baron

Destroy the Wolfram capital warship.

Nuke it from orbit

Repel the meteorblitzkrieg.

It's the size of Texas, Lady President.

Detonate the Überasteroid.

New moon

Destroy the Götterdämmerung.

Fly me to the moon

Safely escort Renate to the moon.


Complete all Indian side missions.

The Russian reversal

Complete all Russian side missions.

Yes she can

Complete all US President missions.


Collect 100 salvage.


Collect 500 salvage.

Chooser of the slain

Destroy 300 Walkyr ships.

Gold digger

Destroy 100 Rheingold ships.

Close encounters

Destroy 50 Alberich ships.

The fall of the king

Destroy 20 Hanebu IV ships.

The line is broken

Destroy 20 Wotan ships.

Destroyer destroyer

Destroy 10 Hunding ships.

Tug of war

Destroy 10 Brünnhilde ships.

Quantity AND quality

Purchase all upgrades for the Korean light fighter.

All decked out

Purchase all upgrades for the Dundee bomber.