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Tower of Babble

In TranZit, obey the voices.

Don't Fire Until You See

In TranZit, have all doors opened without being set on fire.

The Lights of Their Eyes

In Green Run, pacify at least 10 zombies with 1 EMP.

Undead Man's Party Bus

In TranZit, complete all additions to the bus in 1 game.

Dance On My Grave

In Green Run, acquire your Tombstone.

Standard Equipment May Vary

In TranZit, acquire 4 different equippable items in 1 game.

You Have No Power Over Me

In TranZit, defeat "him" without being attacked by "him".

I Don't Think They Exist

In TranZit, kill one of the denizens of the forest while it is latched onto you.

Fuel Efficient

In TranZit, use an alternative mode of transportation.

Happy Hour

In TranZit, buy 2 different perks before turning on the power.

High Maintenance

In Die Rise, be the architect of their instruction.


In Die Rise, fling 10 zombies in one game.

Mad Without Power

In Die Rise, reach round 10 before turning on the power.


In Die Rise, use Pack-a-Punch and all perk machines in one game.

Slippery When Undead

In Die Rise, kill 5 zombies with a single shot from the Sliquifier.

Facing the Dragon

In Die Rise, face the dragon head-on before reaching round 2.

I'm My Own Best Friend

In Die Rise, revive yourself.


In Diner Turned, get a kill with each primary weapon in a Public Match.

Monkey See, Monkey Doom

In Diner Turned, retrieve a chained Cymbal Monkey in a Public Match.

I See Live People

In Diner Turned, kill the human while its decoy is in play in a Public Match.

No One Escapes Alive

In Mob of the Dead, execute the escape plan.

Feed the Beast

In Mob of the Dead, obtain Hell's Retriever.

Making the Rounds

In Mob of the Dead, complete the cycle 3 times.

Acid Drip

In Mob of the Dead, convert a weapon using a kit.

Full Lockdown

In Mob of the Dead, Brutus completes his patrol.

A Burst of Flavor

In Mob of the Dead, kill 10 zombies at once with a new beverage.

Paranormal Progress

In Mob of the Dead, open a door without spending points.

GG Bridge

In Mob of the Dead, survive an entire round on the bridge on round 15 or higher.

Trapped in Time

In Mob of the Dead, use and upgrade all traps before round 10.

Pop Goes the Weasel

In Mob of the Dead, break the cycle.

Mined Games

In Buried, be their pawn.

Ectoplasmic Residue

In Buried, acquire a perk for free.

I'm Your Huckleberry

In Buried, access all areas with the help of your new friend in one game.

Death From Below

In Buried, drop the beat on 10 zombies in one game.


In Buried, make a candy delivery.

Awaken the Gazebo

In Buried, Pack-a-Punch a weapon during round 1 with no one using the bank or Weapon Locker.

Revisionist Historian

In Buried, rewrite history.

Mazed and Confused

In Buried, survive an entire round within the maze on round 20 or higher.

FSIRT Against the Wall

In Buried, purchase the LSAT off the wall and Pack-a-Punch it.

When the Revolution Comes

In Buried, return to processing.

Little Lost Girl

In Origins, release Samantha.

Not a Gold Digger

In Origins, share a weapon you dug up.

All Your Base

In Origins, activate all generators without allowing one to stop.

Kung Fu Grip

In Origins, free yourself and another from the Panzer Soldat’s claw in one game.

Playing with Power

In Origins, build all elemental staffs in one game.

I’m on a Tank!

In Origins, ride the tank around the map without getting off.

Saving the Day...All Day

In Origins, revive another player four different ways in one game.

Master of Disguise

In Origins, use Zombie Blood to revive three players and activate a generator in one game.


In Origins, complete all 4 Challenges in one game.

Master Wizard

In Origins, wield all of the ultimate staffs in one game.