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Black Hole

Complete each HOG in Story Mode without the lantern.

Death Defying

Escape from Houdini's coffin in one try.

Escape Artist

Find all 100 padlocks, handcuffs, keys and straightjackets in "Escape Artist Hunt."

5 of Swords

Complete the bonus chapter.


Find all the ESP cards in the garden in one try.

Golden Geek

Solve all the puzzles in Story Mode.

HOG Wild

Complete a hidden object scene in less than a minute.

Houdini Protégé

Complete Story Mode.

Hypnotic Eyes

Unlock Unlimited Hidden Object Mode.

Irish Rover

Collect all 70 clovers in Story Mode.


Get into Houdini's house without a hint.

Magic Wand

Find every hidden object in all Unlimited HO Mode scenes.


Collect all 52 ravens in Story Mode.


Complete Story Mode without using any hints.


Conjure a pigeon.

Scaredy Cat

Complete Story Mode with no Black Cat scares.