Belgian Problem
Sam   Wolverhampton, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Over the last 5 years, you've spent 5629.1 hours playing this selection, which includes 140 items, is valued at $2598.23, and requires 752.6 GB

PC specs:
CPU: Intel Core i7 6700K
Motherboard: Z170-A (LGA1151)
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
1920X1080P Generic PnP Monitor

Total cost of PC: £1600
Wall of shame:
*DEAD* Deep Web : Balgin reported and vac banned and ban tradet

Fireball6789 : belgian problem is a hacker i hit him 5 times with exe he didnt die

Onion Hunter : kick belgian
Onion Hunter : he is hacking
Onion Hunter : u have triggerbot, aimbot, wallbot

*DEAD* zoulex {LINK REMOVED} : itz your report :D
● [65y] Belgian Problem : Reported for what?
*DEAD* zoulex {LINK REMOVED} : wall hack and aimbot
● [65y] Belgian Problem : xD

Wall of fame:
(PM) [HD D Leader] AdamVoid: GG I am actually impressed tbh

(GOTV) Hoppla! : i think the belgian problem needs a ... final solution


21:01 - ThundeR : i am gaben
21:01 - ThundeR : i can give you a trade ban
21:01 - [65y] Belgian Problem: I am god
21:01 - [65y] Belgian Problem: I can give you life ban
21:02 - ThundeR has changed their name to Gaben.
21:02 - [65y] Belgian Problem has changed their name to God.

I will be starting to do some youtube vids soon, So, if you want, subscribe and if not, then enjoy the vids i guess.
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ascended nigga Apr 18 @ 9:37am 
Belgian Problem Mar 9 @ 11:37am

Never added you, never traded with you, I don't even trade in CSGO. Actually I don't really play CSGO anymore. You wanna stop "All Russian Kids" I say the same about the Maldives.

Does that make you a scammer?
Ink Games Mar 9 @ 11:26am 
-rep scammer
I want to downgrade my Bowie Knife Doppler for all the skins in your inventory. I'm waiting for your trade offer if you agree. Trade link in the description of my main profile
✪Genkins Mar 4 @ 9:35pm 
haha why so mad mate hahah.. im just laughing at you all who are mad at me hahah what a waste of time
Belgian Problem Mar 4 @ 8:21am 
Oh, did you suddenly turn into a male? I recall you had a cute female model as your profile picture.