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"Imperator semper rectum est."   Serbia
The Earth is hungry. It's heart throbs and demands cleansing.
The Earth is also thirsty...

Dignity? What's that? ~ Cinders, 2016.
Just your average Silver Elite Master retard.
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(Not sure if you can tell, but I'm obsessed with the World Wars, especially WWI.)

I dress up as a school shooter on cuckblox [www.roblox.com]

Can't believe I've been playing that damn game for over 7 fucking years now.

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1. Definition of autism
2. Edgy thot
3. Good goyim

Retard who wasted 2 years of my life.

I'm really undecided on whether Flandre Scarlet or Remilia Scarlet should be my waifu.
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y is the fps so high? i can get it on console and get way less fps. i no recomend wast of space and money. do not buy.

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just because
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h o w
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nah man, you're like genuine edge right there.
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what the nani