White lines pretty pretty tattoos
Don't know what they mean
They special just for you
White palms, bakin' powder on the stove
Cookin' up a dream, turnin' diamonds into snow
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I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead; I lift my eyes and all is born again.

UGC HL S22 Aesthetic Frags -- Engineer / Medic
UGC HL S23 Klass9 -- Medic / Soldier
UGC HL S24 Klass9 -- Medic
UGC HL S25 Anti Shmuggler Society -- Demoman/Soldier
UGC 4s S12 Anti Shmuggler Society -- Medic
UGC 6s S25 GameOver -- Medic
UGC 6s S27 Jisoo more like Jihad -- Soldier / Medic

AFC Division 3 GameOver -- Medic
AFC Division 3 Toucans' --(5th) Medic
AFC Division 2 Teme Machines --(2nd last) Pocket Soldier /Medic
AFC Division 3 Backdoor Plunders -- Medic

PURE League Intermediate Teme Machines -- Pocket Soldier /Medic


Clashe : if pure plays that match I'll convert to Islam

Clashe Last Thursday at 20:21
Lisa is my bias!!!
MANHOLE Feb 9 @ 1:08pm 
yes he smells like rafflesia
jyuu Feb 9 @ 7:54am 
person below me that is below him smells like flowers
person below me smells
jyuu Feb 9 @ 7:52am 
are you sure what is 17?
Fade Feb 6 @ 4:54am 
Are you sure that you can count to 17?
Calypso Feb 6 @ 12:52am 
Are you sure that you are 17