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Gilles   Paris, Ile-de-France, France
Like many, I trade games for fun . :steamhappy:
For maximum optimization of your fun times -- check out https://lestrades.com . :vella:
For history buffs, I wrote Kyodai Mahjongg [kyodai.com] in 1997 and the Wedge [wedge.org] forum system in 2010.
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I've never watched the 'main' Wakfu show, so I have no idea who this Nox guy is to them.
But I'm a fan of Masaaki Yuasa, Eungyoung Choi and Michio Mihara, which brought me to watching this short of theirs a few years ago and be mesmerized by it.
All I can say is, at barely half a buck for 20+ minutes of pure visual madness in 1080p, it was a mandatory purchase for me. Plus-- trading cards. Even cheaper then.

And watch Kaiba! Absolutely funtastic show from the same staff!
And Mindgame! The movie that started it all!
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Kitschyitch 2018년 5월 25일 오후 3시 26분 
+Rep. A Very Good Trader. Look forward to trading with them again :) Traded through Lestrades on 25/5/18
Antoine 2018년 5월 15일 오전 10시 54분 
oui je te comprend, mais 4k ca reste impressionnant et pour ma part, ca reste une bibliotheque, des jeux auquels j'ai envie de jouer, quand j'ai envie de jouer.. je suis a 2k et j'ai deja commencé a jouer a la plupart de ces titres. Apres, toujours le meme dilemme, le temps...
IvanTheMildlyPleasant 2018년 5월 2일 오전 3시 25분 
+rep, Fast and Trustworthy trader. Thanks! :rockon:
|F|ábio-|G|anga 2018년 3월 19일 오전 10시 23분 
+rep good trader
avitaliy 2018년 3월 13일 오후 11시 55분 
+ReP. GooD TRaDeR!
Hyptronic 2018년 3월 5일 오후 6시 45분 
+rep good and friendly trader, recommended! :sheriffsbadge: