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Gilles   Paris, Ile-de-France, France
Like many, I trade games for fun . :steamhappy:
For maximum optimization of your fun times -- check out https://lestrades.com . :vella:
For history buffs, I wrote Kyodai Mahjongg [kyodai.com] in 1997 and the Wedge [wedge.org] forum system in 2010.
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Best writing in a video game, ever.

I played this around 2010, knowing fully its engine was outdated and that I didn't really 'get' Baldur's Gate back in the day. I was fully immersed in Planescape's universe immediately, reading every single word like it was from Shakespeare, laughing and crying along the way.

This isn't my favorite game (The Witcher 3 beats it in terms of gameplay and overall universe size), but damn it, it's by far the best of its kind.
I'd love to see a FPS F2P remake with loot boxes and big boobs.
Just kidding.
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Hi I am interested in Spoids game I have gems thanks or merci
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oui je te comprend, mais 4k ca reste impressionnant et pour ma part, ca reste une bibliotheque, des jeux auquels j'ai envie de jouer, quand j'ai envie de jouer.. je suis a 2k et j'ai deja commencé a jouer a la plupart de ces titres. Apres, toujours le meme dilemme, le temps...