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Between the dunes of a once fertile planet lies a broken vessel, which purpose has been lost to time. Within the hull lives Horatio Nullbuilt and his companion Crispin. They make use of what they can salvage from the dust-covered wrecks of the wasteland, trying to survive on their own in a dying world. The loss of their energy source will lead them from the solitude of their home and to the city of Metropol. A pearl of the wasteland and a beacon of energy, filled with robots like them. There machines trade, live and prosper as their creators once did, the Humans, which long ago walked the once green earth.

Although a game about automatons and their emotionless struggle, Primordia convey emotions of the opposite nature. The game feels timeless in the sense that it deals with our eternal pursuit for purpose. It stays relevant by exploring our theoretical future in which we have spoiled the earth that gives us food, shelter and life.

In a time where we are constantly bombarded with filtered happiness from social media, Primordia reflect our inner feelings of loneliness and solitude. It may seem that this game is a homage to the old point and click-era of the 90s, it is not, it stands tall on its own.
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