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Nadina   Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
I was the owner and one of the founders of Apocalypse Gaming (AG). AG was officially launched October 31, 2009 and was closed on May 31, 2011. During that time AG was a strong force in the TF2 community with a unique flare and fresh ideas on how to support individual TF2 players, teams on all levels of competitive play and the TF2 community. AG had a strong mentoring program, sponsorship program, general support and was the visionary and main organizer of the “Community vs Pros events. AG worked closely with other supportive names in the TF2 community such as eXtine from eXtv, Robbie from EOR, Twitch TV and many more. AG doors closed but re-opened on November 24, 2012 to try it again but this time we only sponsored teams.Things did not turn out as planned and life got in the way yet again and AG had to stop sponsoring once more. This is where the AG story ends for the TF2 community, but the memories and relationships built will live on!

This is what I am thankful for. Thank you to all of those who made the AG community one of the best and one of the most respected. Thank you to the admins, fans, EOR, eXtv, Twitch TV, pro players and Robin Walker. Special thanks to Robin who was a guest in our AG movie, who played in one of the community vs pros events and who signed the AG shirts with eight other Valve staff! Those times were truly magic, and I will never forget it.

Of course, I am saving the best for last. Meo my partner who was not only the other AG founder but also a great friend and gamer. AG would not have been possible without Meo! Her kindness, love for the game and website talents could not have been replaced.

Now it is time to simply play the game we all love and for me to drop ubers and heal as many spies as possible. <3

“…I hope you’re proud of what you managed to build-it stood out amidst the other TF2 communities, for sure, and I heard nothing but good things from the players who interacted with it.”- Robin Walker

3:56 PM - ≈AG≈ meo › : HOTTTTTT
3:56 PM - ≈AG≈ meo › : wait what
3:56 PM - ≈AG≈ meo › : did I say that
3:56 PM - ||AG|| Nahanni | : YES YOU DID!!!

"NAHANNI!!!......Catch MEEEEEEEZZZ!- Meo

6:52 PM - blight.Everki blackfoger: well I did have one agenda wanting to speak with you about partnering with blight but it sounds like something not in the cards
6:52 PM - Nahanni ~ CommvsPros: Yes. You would have read that correctly.

1:36 PM - Nahanni: to bad an AG shirt never made it to LAN
1:36 PM - mix^relic: u never know!
1:36 PM - mix^relic: AG|relic
1:36 PM - Nahanni: hahahahaha
1:36 PM - mix^relic: classic mix up :DD

AG| ✈ JETSET : 'Beaver Tails taste just like doughnuts' - Nahanni

10:11 PM - relic: dont let some ♥♥♥♥♥ made ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ : pardon my french: live in your head unless that ♥♥♥♥♥ is paying rent"

10:23 PM - foreign lftranny: you are a crazy lady
10:23 PM - foreign lftranny: i love it

5:37 PM - meo ♡ has changed their name to AG| meo ♡.
5:37 PM - AG| meo ♡: there, I put clothes on. (aka, my AG tag)
5:43 PM - AG| Nahanni: HAHAHAHAHAHA
5:44 PM - AG| Nahanni: <3

9:29 PM - AG| Nahanni ~ CEVO: i have jumped on another crazy train
9:29 PM - AG| Nahanni ~ CEVO: lol
9:31 PM - creeeeeeeep: thats the only mode of transportation you like!
9:31 PM - creeeeeeeep: go go go nahannnnnnni :)

"Life is short, break some rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly and never regret anything that made you smile..."-Mark Twain


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