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Corona direct ㅡ votre mort, notre information.
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- Hello again, John.

- Hello, Dutch.

- We gotta stop meeting like this!

- Sure!

- I've got a plan, John.

- You always got a plan, Dutch.

- This is a good one.

- I don't doubt it.

- We can't always fight nature, John. We can't fight change. We can't fight gravity. We can't fight nothing. My whole life, all I ever did was fight.

- Then give up, Dutch.

- But I can't give up, neither. I can't fight my own nature. That's the paradox, John. You see?

- Then I have to shoot you.

- When I'm gone, they'll just find another monster. They have to, because they have to justify their wages.

- That's their business.

- Our time is passed, John.
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Red Dead Redemption 2
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