deokchida~ <3
케이시   Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
"The best type, looks innocent but takes cock like Jews took bullets." - TheOvenOfJews

Birthday: Jan 29 1985
Eyes: Light Blue
Hair: Brown/Grey
Height: 5-10
Beard: Awesome
Fav Position: In the pussy!
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MrPillow 21 sept. 2016 à 10h13 
Friends 69

is this intentional
MrPillow 21 sept. 2016 à 10h12 
im gay
skner 21 sept. 2016 à 10h06 
eu acho que ele quer pau cara :v
MrPillow 20 sept. 2016 à 19h29 
quer pau, cara??
Tempas 20 sept. 2016 à 19h28 
quer pau, cara??
Paulo! 20 sept. 2016 à 19h28 
Quer pau, cara?