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Expert trading advice and info to help safeguard your backpack, grow your collections quicker, increase your profits and become a more successful TF2 trader.
cabbage Oct 12 @ 8:54am 
10k kills with pan +rep
Johanna Oct 5 @ 1:13am 
come back lol
+SPONGE+ [NUTTER] Sep 15 @ 7:16am 
Still decorating :D
Johanna Aug 21 @ 1:19am 
Hello. another 19 days offline. hope you already moved out. and everything is okay. stay safe sponge 🇮🇹♥️
Johanna Aug 1 @ 3:01pm 
Hope you are doing good spong! Stay safe ♥
Johanna Jul 6 @ 3:18pm 
long time no see, Hope you doing fine ♥