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Welcome on my profile, my holy profile, don't touch it! :HolyGrenade:
Just kidding, you can click wherever you want to!

I receive many friend requests, from many fishy profiles as well.
If you have a reason to add me, say it in a comment on my profile or on one of my items, i might accept your friend request then.
During my years as a gamer, like many other gamers, I have experienced many unique and distinct moments from game to game.
Below you can find a list of achievements and other interesting videos.

-My GTA, an MTA documentary:
-My time as a gang leader:
-Running the san andreas marathon:
-My VR cooking show:
-Spending 24 hours in GTAV in Virtual Reality:
-Winning VR Esport tournaments:
-One katana hero challenge:
-Uncle f*cker in beat saber (really hard level):
-Kazoo Kid in beat saber:
-Running the witcher 3 marathon:
-What a timing:
-Running the world of warcraft marathon:
-Making the biggest burger in VR:
-Running the Hyrule Marathon:
-Drawing a burning palm tree in VR:
-Arizona Sunshine Mine level complete (hardest level):
-SUPERHOT VR Fists only:
-Kicking Zombie asses in VR for over 2 hours:
-Sneaking between guards:
-Going berserk in GORN:
-1000VS1000 in Tales of glory:
-Running the Skyrim marathon:
-Jogging in Just Cause:
-Running the Los Santos Marathon:
-10000 Games on steam:
-Running the liberty city marathon:
-Mountainbiking in the snow with gopro:
-Running the fallout marathon:
-I used t make rap music:
-The outer worlds under my feet:
-Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 making a part:
-Killing spree in the walking dead:
-Exploring red dead redemption II while jogging:
-Running cyberpunk marathon with exolegs:
-Virtual Battleground solo win:



-Dash dash world review:
-LED lights on my desk:
-AgileVR unboxing and first experience:
-Samsung mobile gamepad review:
-My first review of a deleted steamgame:
-Silicon Rising review:
-Drug Dealer Simulator review:
-Time hacker review:
-10 Games that will make you sweat in VR:
-Monster Energy Supercross review:
-Crunch Element review:
-Progen PR4 review:
-10 Extreme sports in VR:
-AgileVR review:
-Aircar review:
-Tell me why chapter 1 review:
-Sharecare YOU VR review:
-Elasto Mania review:
-Grand Theft Horse:
-Journey to the savage planet:
-Warplanes WWI Fighters:
-VR Skater early access review:
-Maneater review:
-Steam deck thoughts:
-VR Skater update review:
-Playmobil VR review:


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Collection of interesting video's

-How to fix a jammed vive trackpade:
-Get 99 lives in crash bandicoot 1:
-Party Hard 2 help:
-DEADBOLT All levels on hard mode:
-Angry Birds VR 3 stars:
-How to play GTA4 in VR:
-How to play GTA5 in VR: * #1:
* #2:
-How to use gzdoom & gzdoomvr:
-How to schedule/cancel a shutdown in windows:
-How to fix a problem in vegas pro 17:
-Neigbours back from hell levels 1-6:
-Bridge Constructor The walking dead chapter 1:
-How to play The witcher 3 in VR:
-How to play Cyberpunk 2077 in VR:
-El Hijo a wild west tale levels 1-6:
-Vegas pro render crashing fix:

-Exploring South Park in VR:
-Trolling with fake sound bot:
-Exploring Minas Tirith in VR:
-Doing the carl joke in VRchat:
-Squid game in VR:
-Driving an RC car with camera on the other side of the world:
-Troy VR game from Rock & Morty VR, all lives:
-Peter Griffin:
-Trolling as a wasp in VR:
-Mario Kart is not just for cars:
-One of my first days in VR:
-Animaze characters check:
-Making a new friend in VRchat:
-The house of Courage the cowardly dog in VR:
-Exploring Hogwarts in VR:
-Duke Nukem + pokemons:
-Cyberpunk bug is funny:
-Duke Nukem + sonic:
-Fur elise in VR:

-GTAV naturalvision evolved mod maxed out:
-Tales of glory Spectator view:
-Evolution of FPS games:
-GTA5 VR player vs police:
-What Cyberpunk meelee fighting would look like in VR:
-Evolution of red faction games:
-TOG2 mission failed:
-Powder VR:
-Tales of glory Ruin map:
-Game of thrones weapons in VR:
-Mirrors edge VR:
-Colonel Burton in VR:
NonVR games in VR

-Wolfenstein 3D:
-Duke Nukem 3D:
-Duck Hunt:
-GTAV in VR with zombies:
-Not really pokemon in VR:
-Zombies ate my neighbors in VR:
-Jazz Jackrabbit in VR:
-Jazz Jackrabbit holiday hare in VR:
-Chex Quest in VR:
-Starship troopers:
-Catacom Abyss in VR:
-Quest for glory 4 in VR:
-Kingpin in VR:
-Rise of the triad in VR:
-Return of the triad in VR:
-Powerslave/Exhumed in VR:
-Blake Stone in VR:
-Fears in VR:
-Nerves of steel in VR:
-Ghoul School in VR:
-BodyCount in VR:
-The chaos engine in VR:
-Hired Guns in VR:
-Left 4 dead in VR:
-Wolfenstein Enemy Territory in VR:
-Metroid in VR:
-Painkiller in VR:
-Zelda NES in VR:
-Not splinter cell in VR:
-Resident Evil 2 in VR:
-Resident Evil 3 in VR:
-Resident Evil Village in VR:
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I found a way to reach 99 lives with a little patient. (For crash bandicoot 1)
This will also unlock the C1 | On Cloud 99 achievement
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This tutorial will tell you how to play the game in first person!
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This is my first build in Slotracers VR, pretty cool to fool around with this toy in VR, it makes it even better that there is no limit on track pieces,
so i tried to make a good one, hope you guys like it!
Have fun!
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I was still young, maybe 10 years already, it's all been a long time now,
but I remember it so well that whenever I played FS95 or 98 I barely understood what to do but was really excited when I got up and got off the ground.

Nothing in me could have believed then that later in the future we can explore the entire world through flight simulator down to the last detail with even realistic distance values,
Do you have 20 hours free to play games and fly around the world with unlimited fuel?

Well this is 1 of the unique experiences that you can experience through FS20.
And if such a flight isn't enough for you, how about doing it together with other players, each with their own plane? feel free to race around the world or on the thousands of miles long river in venezuela 'the Orinoco river or just anywhere in the world!
Do you want to fly under the Eiffel Tower, or over mountain peaks in the Alps, everything is possible from now on!

If you have the ability via required hardware to play the game via ultra graphical settings, you can quickly fall in love with the beautiful images that you will see.
The world in FS20 is literally a replica of the real world with a lifelike scale, it's like flying over google maps with a nice piece of 3D.
For example, many interesting locations or buildings or monuments will be nicely incorporated in the 3D effect and look almost as attractive as in real life.
You can also use coordinates that you can easily find on google maps and then insert them into FS20 so that the game loads for you at that location and you can fly around there at that specific place, so I flew over my own hometown or past the famous 'Devils rock'.

The online mode is also a lot of fun, you can spot other players playing online on the world map and load your game into their area, so you can fly side by side and do what pilots do on the way.
When you play the game the game will also stream details of the world in addition to the offline data of the map loaded, if your internet connection or memory on the computer is quite limited the game will switch to offline mode which is still very nice to see on ultra settings.

Here you can see a video where I fly over different locations with the game loaded with max ultra graphics settings:

FS20 also has support for ultra-wide resolutions such as 3840*1080, this in combination with the maximum graphics settings in the game makes for a very nice image, you can see an example of this view here:

VR support is undoubtedly a feature that should not be missing from a game of this level,
and through VR glasses, the game is even more breathtaking than when you have a strong computer.
When I play with my 2080ti on max ultra graphic settings in VR I can notice the visual quality but then I have lag and that makes it not so pleasant,
I could still get a quality image in VR with quite high settings and this is just addictive,
take that sport plane and just enjoy.
Here's a video of me flying in VR over some of the locations on different settings:
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15.3 Hours played
Why are the majority of very beautiful locations just on the edge of the dark forest or other wilder areas?
I found a nice spot at the top of a high steep and also walkable slope, where a beautiful green plain was bordered with forests with green flora, rocks and also a side where a snow area begins.
All this with the beautiful view from the edge of the slope.

Besides the only missing detail, 'water', this place was the perfect place to build my camp / possible settlement.
It doesn't compare to an uninhabited and dilapidated village that I found close to the sea.

In the first modest cabin I already had 5 full boxes with valuable items, outside a BBQ made of wood and stones and next to it some hives for that fresh sweet honey sauce with my wild boar meat.

I was almost preparing to demarcate small areas for planting seeds for certain fruits but then when I started cutting very innocent fresh wood, suddenly a couple of wolves AND also a blue giant troll came sniffing around their new neighbor, and this fell not in their taste.

I had to flee from the wolves, and luckily they were a little further distracted from some deer they apparently found much more interesting
on my return to my cozy cabin, I saw that this troll was destroying my nest, a whole corner and edge had been smashed to pieces, my bbq was gone but luckily the bees were unharmed, which I couldn't say about 1 storage box .

To this day, I still defend that place over and over with my life, and as far as my explorations have taken me, 'that' place is still worth dying for over and over again.

The eternal fight,
My little Valhalla.

In my opinion Valheim is a very entertaining constructive survival game.
Few games of this genre really kept me glued to the screen, but Valheim hit it 100%.

The start is always some sorting out and patiently butchering animals for their valuable items - collect enough items to build or craft other necessary things and once you are settled, you are ready to explore this mega huge open world.

The building and craft system is very easy to master, although the things you want to work towards depend on your view of the options you have and also your creativity.
Valheim offers a lot of possibilities in this area, you will also have to upgrade items and the workbench to be able to build more things,
so you start with making wooden huts to possibly a full stone castle or city / cities with possible ports for the boats. and ships that you will make.

The vehicles for sailing are also necessary to explore the rest of the world, they are not difficult to operate at all, but keep in mind the direction of the wind or it could be a long journey.

Online in Valheim you can play together with up to 10 people in 1 server, this brings more fun to building a city, exploring or fighting with the so many monsters that Valheim has hidden within. By the way, try not to stand with too many people on 1 raft, no doubt some will fall into the water.

In addition to the many enemies, this world also has many dungeons hidden in the dark forest, for example, you will often see these locations guarded with some enemies that are in those dungeons, in these dungeons you will often find unique items, at least, if you stay alive that is.
Monsters are also often tied to specific locations, for example you will encounter wolves in snow areas or monsters in other areas, this makes things a little bit easier if you are specifically hunting something.

Besides lively monsters and beasts in the open world you will also have to defeat special enemies such as when you make an offering on an offering table
these enemies are very cool and also very challenging to fight, of course they are not that easy, with patience you can usually handle them alone, but of course it is better to fight them in a group, just like a group against a giant troll is much more effective than if you need 5 bows - 800 arrows and 4 spears to defeat a troll on your own, if you also kill the shamans who come to heal the trolls in time.

When you die you will lose all your gear and skills, BUT, you can get it all back by returning to the spot highlighted via an icon on the map and radar.
If you get there you will get everything back.
If you hang around in the water for too long, you will also lose HP due to the automatically decreasing stamina meter, if you do not get out of the water in time, you die. (I'm not really a fan of this last part, vikings are hardcore, and they can't swim too long or it becomes deadly, I suppose this is for a reason of encouraging the players to sail but I honestly think that players will choose sailing more often than long distance swimming even if it was possible to swim long and stay alive.

Valheim has a lot to offer and from the first hour you play you realize that you have been made curious,
You look at the map and zoom out and you are speechless.
The world is very beautiful, the visual effects of nature with accompanying sounds create a perfect ambient atmosphere.

Definitely a game where you can invest an incredible amount of time and experience new things for a very long time.

My first sail:

Ultrawide Valheim gameplay:
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