¡ N1dza LVL UP BOT 17:1
BOT BEEP. BEEP.   Russian Federation
Selling 16:1 TF2 ; 15:1 CSGO ; 320:1 Gems
Buying 19:1 TF2 ; 17:1 CSGO ; 270:1 Gems
Not taking: Hydra Case key,eSports Key
Telegram: @N1dza
In non-Steam game
[H] 0 sets ⇒ 15:1 CS:GO / 1:320 Gems / 17:1 TF
Hello everyone's,LevelUp BOT 16 sets for TF2 Key
This is an automatic level up bot service, which help you to exchange your CS:GO keys/PUBG keys/TF2 keys/Gems for complete trading card sets, ready to be crafted to boost your account level.

How to use me?

1) Add as a friend:SpeakM:

2) Write commands:

!help - All commands

:dieHoPiKo:!level [your dream level]
:dieHoPiKo:!check [amount]
:dieHoPiKo:!checktf [amount]
:dieHoPiKo:!checkgems [amount]

:dieHoPiKo:!buy [amount of CS:GO keys]
:dieHoPiKo:!buytf [amount of Tf keys]
:dieHoPiKo:!buygems [amount of sets]
:dieHoPiKo:!buyany [amount of CS:GO keys]

:dieHoPiKo:!buyone [amount of CS:GO keys]
:dieHoPiKo:!buyonetf [amount of Tf keys]
:dieHoPiKo:!buyonegems [amount of sets]

:dieHoPiKo:!sell [amount of CS:GO keys]
:dieHoPiKo:!sellgems [amount of sets]
:dieHoPiKo:!selltf [amount of Tf keys

3) Accept trade offer

4)Craft your badges and enjoy:SpeakM:

Note that bot never offering sets your previously crafted badges and send only you need.
Please, craft your badges with sets in your inventory before. Bot checks only your badge page, not your Steam inventory:SpeakM:

Selling prices:

1 CS:GO KEY ⇄ 15 sets
1 TF2 KEY ⇄ 16 sets
320 Gems ⇄ 1 set

Buying prices:

1 CS:GO KEY ⇄ 17 sets
1 TF2 KEY ⇄ 19 sets
270 Gems ⇄ 1 set

Note: That your keys must be tradeable. If you have bought recently them on steam market or in game you have to wait 7 days restriction before they can be used:SpeakM:

If you have any question about bot add OWNER :SpeakM: