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"Playing a shooter on a console is like doing a heart surgery with boxer gloves" word!

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Playing mostly action games, survival, horror, less RTS, more into Coop play than usual PvP.

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400+ Steam Game Keys for trade
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**last updated 29.06.2019**
List got too long so i put it on https://pastebin.com/k90UspBK

**Non-Steam Games**
Multiwinia (MP Key)
Frozen Synapse (MP Key)
The Walking Dead: Michonne (telltale)
Overwatch (Bnet)
Shadow Complex Remastered (epic)
Darkspore Limited Edition (origin)
Rayman Origins (uplay)
Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes (origin)
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (uplay)
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-Always looking to complete card sets
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just nice ;)
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Well Well, Steam Awards is a good time to edit this review i guess.
This game got and still gets so many fixes... TBH i even cant keep up with all the new killers and survivors, perks, events, etc...
In the actual state its really a no brainer to higly recommend this horror gem ♥

Long story short: I've nominated it for The “Labor of Love” Award
Initial review from 2016 follows:

Had a hard time deciding if I should give it a recommendation or not...

The game principle is definitely soooo much fun but all the bugs and the constant changes created a love-hate relationship with this game for me :P

It (very) often feels like #EarlyAccessSh!t when you simply cant join a lobby for a long time or you suddenly fall through the floor or face a invisible wall or even get stuck somewhere in the map...
To get an impression what I'm talking about simply check the bug Discussion sub-forum for this game ;) e.g. the collection of unpassable areas thread.

This game needed way more play testing before release and seeing the Devs already released 2 cosmetic paid DLCs rather shows an interest in quick money -_-

Anyway it can be pure fun, even more with friends, and really gives you chills ;)

I still do recommend it, but the Bugs are a big shame for such a game... would say for half the price below 10USD its a safe deal (in it's current state)
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This collection includes all Greenlight games that we, folks of IndieGala openly encourage people to vote up.
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I ♥ Playblink > 56 games won & counting... :)
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This guide will explain how to beat the game and tell you some of its secrets. I have 100% of non-anniversary achievements. I'll get the rest eventually!!!

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Hi, Freundschaftsanfrage dient nur der Verifizierung, dass du den gewonnenen DLC noch nicht besitzt bevor ich den Key auf SG sichtbar schalte :)
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Hello, u win game from SG.
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