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Mars: War Logs is a great little RPG if you get past some quirks.

Many reviewers have commented on the slightly wonky voice acting but I actually find most of the character voices pretty convincing. Roy (our hero) is acted well enough throughout and most of the main cast are emotionally engaging. Some of the NPC dialogue is a little off but having grown up playing Gothic and Shenmue I find a little wonky VA only adds to the charm.

Graphically the game is not very demanding which is great for mid-range rigs because you can run it easily at 4K 60FPS. The texture work is very strong and the overall art style does a great job of representing an apocalyptic Mars. The environments are a claustrophobic maze of rusty metal work and red dust scattered with enough extra detail to hint at a much wider world outside of the cramped settlements.

Overall the level design walks a nice line between immersive detail and easy to identify game-play elements. Traversing the corridors and open spaces of the cities of Mars manages to maintain player interest by providing some stealth alternatives to the hack and slash routes while carefully concealing containers of loot to encourage exploration.

You will want to loot as many crates, opponents and rubbish heaps as you can in order to craft add-ons for your weapons and armour. The crafting system is not exactly deep, basically allowing you to buff your equipment to suit your playstyle while providing nice rewards for exploring every nook and cranny in the hunt for materials.

Character animation is mostly OK, with some unfortunately jarring animation resets, inhuman movements and the occasional amusing glitchy facial expression. Despite these shortcomings the game presents a very compelling story within an engaging world.

The game allows the player to influence the world with the inclusion of a moral compass (just like many popular Bioware franchises) allowing you to be a white knight or a badass, complete with associated charm / intimidation perks. Your behaviour has some influence on other characters and the out come of the story but not to a huge extent.

My one and only major problem with this game is combat. While some may consider this to be a deal breaker, I personally feel combat is secondary to everything else that makes a good RPG. This game often feels overly punishing, and getting stuck on some invisible ledge while enemies smack you from left and right can lead to some roars of frustration. It also has a habit of suddenly ramping up the combat difficulty just as you are starting to enjoy yourself. Overall though combat reminded me of KOTOR with the pause-able action queuing system and little of Jade Empire in that I had to hammer space a ton to dodge around while healing and restoring mana.

I completed this game on Medium, if you are not up for a fair few deaths and re-loads I would suggest playing on Easy. The achievements are the same for both difficulties, with the game only awarding you extra achievements for playing on Hard or Extreme (neither of which I will ever do.)

As a final word of warning I will point out that some side quests are permanently miss-able depending on decisions you make. This makes getting the "Completionist" achievement impossible to get if you miss something early on (as I did). Saying this however I am more than happy to play again, try out the alternative ending and mop up what I missed.

The game took me around 15 hours to beat first time and definitely has re-play value with the final chapter changing dramatically depending on your choice of ally. I will be replaying on Easy though, one play through on Medium was tough enough for me!

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