te gustan los michis?
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te gustan los michis? Sep 12 @ 6:44pm 
Diamante de ben 10 Sep 10 @ 7:33pm 
channy Aug 19 @ 5:08pm 
I think SVs shouldn't even exist into a competitive environment for mania, because they don't really test anything but your patience and the time you dedicate to learn things. Instead, we should replace SV category with raw skill (epsilon stamina) and vibro perhaps. For the best.
jhuan Aug 10 @ 6:14pm 
tu puta madre
zen May 1 @ 1:08pm 
According to the lore of Monsters Inc, screams generate energy but laughs generate more. Going by that logic, the amount of energy produced by a human is proportional to the amount of happiness they express in the noises they make. Therefore, moans of extreme sexual pleasure must have the highest energy density of any noise a human can make. If the management of Monsters Inc want to maximize their energy output they should send workers to large, organized orgies and train them in the ways of intense lovemaking. They should identify large furry gatherings as potential sources of nuclear meltdown levels of energy generation.