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Sniper Elite V2
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I read the bad reviews before playing, yes, but I tried to play it without negative predisposition and I think I succeeded; it is utterly independent and coherent that the outcome is the same.

You press play.

The game starts off fairly cinematic plot-wise, not revealing anything at the beginning but rather putting you right into the action without even properly knowing who you play as.

You are intrigued

The game looks good even, the scenery is diverse, the graphics aren't bad, with terrific lighting at times and some of the best dynamic shadows I've seen in a game. I was especially aroused satisfied with the rain effects. Seldom I can say that..

You are interested

After firing a handful of shots, you realize you don't have a friggin' clue why they included a crosshair to begin with.
Soon you throw your first bouncy ball grenade. How on earth are you supposed to get it where you want to? "Oh *@#~ too high. For ~#@+'? sake too low. Come on! Almost Yes!! It bounced back, RUN RUN RUN!"
The emenies are balls too. It seems they hibernate until you are close enough, Just like some kind of LOD but for AI.

You are infuriated

At least the story is good. At first. Then it's a kind of a crescendo. It seems rushed the further you advance, As does the beautiful level design. It's less and less polished until the end of the game, the graphics seem downgrading themselves. LOD that is worse or even disappearing when close up? What is this sorcery?

You are confused

You realize some sound effects appear to be missing, like revving engines punches or even gunshots, forcing you to have the impression you should be paid to be playing this game, not because it may be bad, but because you have to do like 50 % of the sounds by yourself to at least create the illusion of immersion. Your mother walks in as you casually wet your mouth and produce warfare noise with your body's orifices, furiously trying to hit an emeny at the same time. She thinks you are regressing.

You feel pity for yourself

There are situations where you just keep dying. You are not particularly bad at this kind of games, but you can't help it. Choppers shoot you to death even though you have the impression to be safely hidden under a roof and behind a wall. Simultaneously. But hey it's a game, noone stated you could apply real life rules to this game. You know you can do it, you've come and suffered this far. The game isn't that long.

You are angry motivated

You finally make it. The ending seems as cut off and rash as it can, but you don't feel a thing, you stopped anticipating anything some time ago. You feel nothing. You feel entitled to write a review for this game. Entitled, not capable. All you can come up with is THIS.

You feel like your mother was right

[h1]I recommend this game because it's not fair only I have to go through this agony.[/h1]

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