Säy10 Pug
ᴀᴜɢᴜsᴛ ʟɪɴᴅᴇɴʜᴜʀsᴄʜᴛ   Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
Ich bin traurig fur meine lieben
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:PugDog: Pls don't mention Roblox and TF2 or anything like that, gives bad memories :BlackPug:

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Soldier: Listen up, you're all gay, But I am straight. => Click Zis

Sie Deutsch Air Hump Seduction to Frauleins Sensation in this link : Press It

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Quote: "Stop Dying It's Bad For Your Health"

( Supposed to be a big death skull here and Panzerkampfwagen IV here,
I guess erased by the hijiacker
Currently In-Game
Dota 2
Artwork Showcase
The Devil [by Lady Sinister]
Biography- 1922
[Changed few of my description due to some retard using my friend's acc to get into my account]

Goes Devil mode plays Avenged Sevenfold - Not Ready to Die
Goes Minecraft Pug [ez af] as a Hellhound plays Pirates of the Carribean Theme Song

:PugDog: About Me :BlackPug:

:green_dot: Age: Go Fuck Yourself
:green_dot: Occupation: SHS so piss off
:green_dot: Registered in Steam since 2012
:green_dot: Languages: English, Tagalog, German (Forgotten)
:green_dot: Sometimes online :laptop:
:green_dot: Birthday: September 18th :gift:
:green_dot: I love musik :music:
:green_dot: I love playing guitar
:green_dot: I play Bass and still processing on converting into Electric
:green_dot: I love Metal
:green_dot: I love Rock and the different types of genres of Rock
:green_dot: I love playing virtual/video games :thepro: :HangingController:
:green_dot: Hates pesky Jews (as a joke)
:green_dot: Favorite Book - The Book of Life
:green_dot: Young but deep voice
:green_dot: Golden Profile of Steam timeout
:green_dot: Main in Brawlhalla: Cross
:green_dot: A Misanthropist

:heavypill: Interest in People :si_earth:

:checkFOM: Fund of Anime (An Otaku)
:checkFOM: Courageous
:checkFOM: Generous
:checkFOM: Sentimental
:checkFOM: Intellectual
:checkFOM: Kind
:checkFOM: Serenity
:checkFOM: Sympathy
:checkFOM: Friendly

:cancel: Unaccepted/Ignored :csgox:

:cancel: Private Steam Profile
:cancel: Valve Anti-Cheat banned
:cancel: Scammer
:cancel: An Asshole
:cancel: Toxicity in his atmosphere
:cancel: Hijacker
:cancel: Hacker
:cancel: Cheater

:HangingController:Games I play:HangingController:

:HangingController: Team Fortress 2
:HangingController: CS:GO
:HangingController: Terarria
:HangingController: Call of Duty
:HangingController: L4D2
:HangingController: Insurgency
:HangingController: Gmod
:HangingController: House of the Dead [1/2/3/4]
:HangingController: Brawlhalla
:HangingController: DOTA 2
:HangingController: Paladins

:cozyroe3: Favorite Mangas' :cozyroe3:

-This doesn't feel like me/My Stepmom
-Close as Neighbors
-The Good Manager
-Rumiko Takahashi Mangas' Animes
-Toonmics Mangas
-The Sharehouse
-70's/80's/90's Manga Into Anime
-Her Summon
-Mr. Kang
-Tomo-Chan is a Girl
-Boss in School

:cozyroe3: Favorite Animes :cozyroe3:

-Castle in the Sky
-Urusei Yatsura (Those Obnoxious Aliens) / Lum Invader Anime
-Ranma 1/2
-Creamy Mami
-Would watch Sailor Moon but iz for girls so nvm
-70's/80's/90's Anime
-Films of Studio Ghibli
-Animes from Rumiko Takahashi
-Chikkun Takkun
-The Tree Musketeers Anime
-Detective Conan: The Private Eyes' Requiem
-Legend of the Gold of Babylon
-Paltabor: The Movie
-Summer Wars
-A Silent Voice
-Tokimeki Tonight
-Magical Fairy Persia
-Maison Ikkoku
-Project A-ko
-Kimagure Orange Road
-Fantasy Animes
-Fall 2013/14/15/16/17/18/19 Animes

:film: Videos :film:


:PlayItOut: My YT Channel: :PlayItOut:


:cozyps2nc: Dickscord Serber :cozydarkseer:


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