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Disable 10 control panels

Crazy about cars

Steal 5 cars

Art connoisseur

Steal 10 paintings

Nice throw man

Break a window with a brick

Car enthusiast 1

Steal Bolthorn 86 Classic

Car enthusiast 2

Steal Aisan Cougar

Car enthusiast 3

Steal Bolthorn Family MkV

Car enthusiast 4

Steal Vulcan Spectre

Car enthusiast 5

Steal Kubra GTS

Wealth redistribution 1

Steal items worth 5000

Wealth redistribution 2

Steal items worth 20000

Wealth redistribution 3

Steal items worth 50000

Wealth redistribution 4

Steal items worth 100000

Console gamer

Steal 5 consoles

Who needs dishes

Break 10 dishes

Debt free man

Get fired

Sneaky sneak

Finish 10 S rank thefts without beeing seen

Plumbing expert

Break 10 toilets

Too much television is bad for you

Steal 5 TVs

Fresh air

Break 10 windows

All Toasters Toast Toast

Steal 10 toasters

Egg hunt

Find 5 Faberge Egg replicas in Richie R.

Reverse Santa

Sell all presents on BlackBay

A what?

Buy a cloaking device on ng+

Well equipped

Steal 5 construction yellow boxes

Forking workflow

Steal the forklift

Skid mark

Steal the skid loader

Like candy from a baby

Steal and sell 8 candy bags on BlackBay


Steal and sell 4 creepy dolls on BlackBay

Halloween is here

Steal and sell 7 pumpkins on BlackBay

Dude, where's my sleigh?

Steal santa sleigh car

Toys for greedy boys

Steal 6 big toy boxes