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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 4:14am

Part One

You read Part One of the letter
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 4:34am

Part Two

You read Part Two of the letter
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 6:37am

The Final Part

You read the third and Final Part of the letter
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 5:55am


Agnes turned on the radio
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 5:58am

The Penis Award

You found a penis in the hotel garden
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 6:00am

No Eyes, Always Watching

You spotted Slenderman in the forest!
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 6:21am

Noises She Makes In Their Bed

Joe plays a tune on the piano
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 7:10am

The Head Office

Joe found Agnes' head on the desk in the manageress' office
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 7:05am


Joe examines knickers...a valid plot point!
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 7:10am

Demon Slayer

Joe killed Agnes
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 7:10am

The Only Monster Is You

Joe killed the Receptionist
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 2:16am

Bad Kitty

The cat ran away from Young Joe
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 8:01am

Master Crafter

Susan built 2 weapons
Unlocked Nov 3 @ 5:38am


You achieved the full, bad ending
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 10:40am

Golden Ending

You achieved the full, good ending
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 6:12am


You persuaded the Queen of Maggots to say her name
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 5:29am

Full Of Crap

You made Doctor Z really angry
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 6:04am

Runaway Bride

Agnes persuaded Ivy to join her
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 7:55am

Just Do It

You were given a motivational speech
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 2:34am


You were really mean to Ivy
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 6:13am

Right In The Shnoz

You blew out the candle and caused an unfortunate accident
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 10:43am


You finished the game without using auto-save
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 10:44am


You achieved Downfall or Golden Ending without using tendency hints
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 6:20am

Found Between The Floors

You explored all 4 floors of the hotel
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 7:13am

My Quiet Haven

You completed all the tasks in Helen Road
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 2:21am

Meet Joe Davis

You completed the tutorial
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 7:50am

Piece By Piece

You settled the matter with four Sophie's
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 6:30am


You had a nice chat with Harrison
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 5:47am

Dead Celebrities

Don't Cry, everyone dies...
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 10:46am

Lucky Dip

You found some concept art in the lucky dip!