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Personal Achievements

Adventurer Win

Complete the gamebook in Adventurer Mode

Art Lover

Find all the artwork in Curse of the Assassin

Black Spirit

Become possessed by an ultimate boss

Bread Basket

Find out the meaning behind the 'breadbasket of Orlandes'

Casual Win

Complete the gamebook in Casual Mode

Classic Win

Complete the gamebook in Classic Mode


Discover a dastardly plot

Dead Funny

Laugh hysterically with Esplandian

Death Hawks

Recruit all members of the Death Hawks

Death Threat

Receive a threatening letter

Faerie Magic

Meet a Sanziana and receive a special gift

Ghostly Cry

Return a cry three times when out at sea


Successfully report back to the Head Gaoler

Legendary Creatures

Meet all the creatures from folklore and legend

Liar Liar

Fool the mighty Coca Rabixa

Lore Master

Learn the secrets of Coyote Lore

Love Reunited

Return a ring to the rightful owners

Lucky Roller

Roll 3 sixes in one roll

Melee Master

Find the best weapon in the gamebook

Mother's Prayer

Receive a special blessing

Orlandrian Jewel

Find out the location of the Jewel of Orlandes

Pez Head

Defeat the leader of the Hombre Peces


Find the best armour in the gamebook

Pub Crawler

Visit all the taverns in the story

Rabbit Stew

Successfully use your hunting skills

River Rescue

Save a companion from some watery rapids

Self Sacrifice

Offer your life for another

Sheep Rustler

Steal a sheep

Sinister Song

Hear the 'Endecha de la Sangre'

Tearful Reunion

Rescue two people very close to you

Unlucky Roller

Roll 3 ones in one dice roll

Well Wishes

Purify the water in a well