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pepsi ¥200
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smol mewer Jun 17 @ 10:36am 
Veri gut hearing. Can find sound veri much.
Only snek against.
MrKontopas Jun 11 @ 12:51pm 
-rep cancer like you need take vac soon bastard keep playing with booster for one win in global LOSER
dominus.rens Mar 14 @ 12:37pm 
many C.O.C.K.S Gyeopsal
Stas1005 Feb 15 @ 12:05pm 
tryhard. cant play solo. plays only with his friends cuz alone his ♥♥♥♥. probably has fun sucking his friends off after the game
SuTiTo #13 Jan 26 @ 11:01am 
papahappa Jan 19 @ 6:59am