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when first grabbing this game and sharing some copies with some friends because we all know playing alone sucks. I didn't get the controls right away but it turned out to be very easy.The game is set kinda like Minecraft but better graphics.instead of fisting a tree you use a stone, the crafting is smooth and doesn't require learning where to put what item, when you end up finding your friends you get to tackle the now real aspect of the game.Killen them zombies obtaining weapons and crafting a better survival story for you.The maker and creator GarryNewman[maker of Garrys mod] outdid himself in this game.This game is based in a open world ,zombie infected, bandit raiding core survival, if you want to survive, eat , drink, gather supplies, sleep, bandage wounds , hunt game and live in this vast environment beset upon you,see ya in the game "get it! "
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