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My Payday 2 Maps
For the people who like to kill and not want to do lots of objectives. This is the heist for you.

Just living allows you to get bags, and killing targets allows you to get more. Use the bags, throw them over the walls (where the text is) and they can be used to get more assets to allow you to survive and get more cash.

Ready Player None []
The creator of Virtual Reality has an interesting challenge for us. Why don't we take him up on it?

Inspired by the hit novel Ready Player One, this heist will take you into a virtual world in pursuit of the elusive grand prize. But in order to get to it, you must locate three different keys to complete the creator's challenge. Be warned, the cops will stop at nothing to prevent you from winning.

Broken Arrow []
You escaped from that forest in Ascension. Everything was fine until Alpha, your pilot, turned into a zombie.
Getting out was not so easy but you managed to get parachutes. Here you are now, in a local bank near Arrow St., to protect yourself against them. All of them.

Stalk Fraud []
Old enemies return in virtual reality.

Following the events of last year's Ready Player None heist, the gang finds out that one of their mortal enemies managed to survive. Not wanting to leave business unfinished, the gang sets out to chase him down before he manages to escape for good.

Zombie Breakout []
After the explosion, the FBI office was put under turmoil. The payday gang weren't the only ones going through hell.

This map is set on the second day of Hoxton Breakout. It is the third Call of duty Zombie map to be made. As officers, you were the first to hear of the affects of the explosion, and now you have come first hand with its consequences.

Bag Simulator 2, a redesign of the first part of Border crossing but with a twist of the mechanics of bag sim 1.

Just like the first one, get bags by killing and by time. This time, use bags and more unique upgrades like perks, and defenses. Also enjoy multiple gamemodes that each harbour unique rules, one of which being modifiers that can make the game harder or more fun.

Somewhere in Russia, a seemingly abandoned warehouse holds a dark secret deep within. Your trusted contractor Pain has arranged for you and your crew to airdrop in and investigate the area. But be warned, for things are not as they seem.

The third installment of the Pain franchise. This heist takes place in a redone boiling point, made to be set at the north pole. Pain was on the naughty list and wants you to correct that. Don't forget to follow the lyrics on this one.

Zombies House []
Zombies mode but on hoxton revenge, a house setting.

Pretty simple concept, just hoxton revenge but with zombies mode. Not much else to it, but the fact that it uses new zombie assets and tricks!

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