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the burg part 3
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Detective 0rdi 25 jun @ 22:58 
Are you a bad enough dude to kiss me deep with tongue?
ポード 20 jun @ 11:31 
could you remove me as a creator on the housewarmer?

i'm going to go in a different direction to monetize, and i'm clearing out my workshop items. i do not have permission to remove myself.
aname 16 maj @ 13:59 
added to ask about something
Detective 0rdi 7 maj @ 14:21 
ral1m 16 feb @ 7:55 
hi,thanks for hat tf2 love.
Detective 0rdi 26 jan @ 18:21 
Haruka Amami dressed up as a potato and standing over an unconcious hibiki from falling off a tricycle.