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anto_capone 3 hours ago 
Agreed. Sounds like someone is abusing their mod 'powers' to be vindictive. Mully, I don't really know you but I enjoyed your posts on SG and look forward to your return. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know!
FaRaDaY*** 8 hours ago 
It's amazing how I have a ticket waiting for three weeks to be replied about a user with a highly suggestive aka NSFW profile pic, but someone made a joke thread that doesn't harm to anybody because it had no names and nothing to point out fingers in any direction then someone get salty and his/her "ticket" get solved asap because "she made a joke that is not funny, it's clearly about me, suspend her now for calling out" and support just run to obey their commands
Zeruel 22 hours ago 
What the shit has happened to SG's community? This time last year, I didn't see anything this extreme.
Suspending people for literally giving an opinion is fucking ridiculous.
☠ Tzaar ☠ Apr 27 @ 11:48am 
Mully was suspended for speaking her mind in a joke thread because a group of people don't believe she should have that right, all while ganging up against her in a thread where she was clearly called out as a target.

Yeah, that's the "nice and generous" people of SG for you.
shibabul Apr 26 @ 10:46pm 
Dayum, SG got a huge stick up their butt. And they're lovin' it.