TF2 Community Workshopper   Tacoma, Washington, United States
Particle Mayhem Lead Director/ Art/ Particles
Cosmetic & Unusual Effect Concept Artist / Sprite Artist / Sprite Animator.

Creative Mind behind the Pug Mug, Puggyback, Western Wraps, Batter's Beak, Bone Cone, Hollowed Helm, Festive Flip-thwomps, Frozen Icefall effect, Flying Lights effects, Elemental Ring effects, Laugh O'Lantern effects, Static Mist taunt effect, and Terrifying Thunder taunt effects!

Yes, I sign items! :)

I tend to add those who leave a positive and lasting impression on me. I try to do the same!

Age: 27
Gender: Male
Personality: Advocate []
Education: Bachelor's Game Art & Design
I am: TF2 Workshopper, Event Medal Designer, Concept Artist, Sprite Artist, Graphic Designer, Gamer

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Workshop submissions accepted for TF2: 25
Self-Made items obtained in TF2: 72

*Unusual Effect: Vicious Circle
*Unusual Effect: Ring of Fire
*Unusual Effect: White Lightning
*Unusual Effect: Violet Vortex
*Unusual Effect: Verdant Vortex
*Unusual Effect: Valiant Vortex
*Unusual Effect: Flying Lights
*Unusual Effect: Limelight
*Unusual Effect: Shining Star
*Unusual Effect: Frozen Icefall
*Unusual Effect: Polar Forecast
*Unusual Effect: Tainted Frost
*Unusual Effect: Plum Prankster
*Unusual Effect: Laugh O'Lantern
*Unusual Effect: Green Giggler
*Unusual Effect: Pumpkin Moon
*Taunt Effect: Static Mist
*Taunt Effect: Thunderous Rage
*Taunt Effect: Convulsive Fiery
*Taunt Effect: Charged Arcane
*Taunt Effect: Terrifying Thunder
*Taunt Effect: Erie Thunder
*Taunt Effect: Jarate Shock

*Pug Mug
*The Puggyback
*Western Wraps
*Batter's Beak
*Catcher's Companion
*Bone Cone
*Hollowed Helm
*Flestive Flip-thwomps

*Copenhagen Games 2019 Tournament Medals

*Copenhagen Games 2018 Tournament Medals

*Asia Fortress LAN 2018 Tournament Medals

*European TF2 League S:31 Tournament Medals

*Sacred Scouts 6v6 Tournament Medals

*Fresh Meat Prolander Tournament Medals

· TF2 Emporium
· Particle Mayhem []
· Particle Mayhem 2 -coming soon
· The Puggyback Coalition
· KritzKast []
· Copenhagen Games 2018
· Copenhagen Games 2019
· European TF2 League
· Journey to the East- 2nd Place Winner
· Sacred Scout 6v6 []
· TheCustomCup []
· Fresh Meat Prolander Cup []
· Asia Fortress LAN 2018 []

Can I Buy Art From You?
If I am feeling up to it.

·Twitter: @Muhai_tf

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Team Fortress 2 Career Goals

·Aquire a Vintage Lof-fi Longwave..............[X]
·Aquire any Self-Made Item........................[X]
·Aquire a Self-Made Key.............................[X]
·Aquire a Self-Made Community Medal......[X]
·Aquire a Self-Made Unusual Cap..............[X]
·Aquire a Self-Made Misc Item....................[X]
·Aquire a Self-Made Hat item......................[X]
·Aquire a Self-Made All-Class Hat item.......[X]
·Aquire a Self-Made Cosmetic Set..............[_]
·Aquire a Self-Made Warpaint ....................[_]
·Aquire a Saxxy Award................................[_]
·Direct my own TF2 Community Event........[X]

PC Build
DigitalStorm: Lynx - Level 4 []
Workshop Showcase
[code]UPDATE 1.1: Some improvements on the animation especially the FLAIR2 sequence. Thanks for the feedback.[/code]

"Big Truck for Big Mann"

[img] [/img]

2,816 ratings
Status - Pending, Created by - Kodachi, Toad ☂, Muhai, EmperorFaiz.tga, Sparcdoctor, and Tired Swiss
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Amazing featured animation by "SID Foster"
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Lime Scout God
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In Chat
little cocogoat Mar 27 @ 11:31am 
adding u to understand why i got banned from the particle mayhem discord. idk why i even got banned, i dont even know what i did tbh.

i was referred to the discord to get some help regarding particles and i just noticed i got banned.
Muhai Mar 2 @ 3:24pm 
thanks man, its always nice to know people enjoy the stuff i put my effort towards! the pug items had become my staple since the puggyback was added to the game and I am also very proud of the flying lights effect because from how much effort on coordinating the roles i had to do. they both turned out great! subscribe to my workshop page if you like ;)
Downfall Mar 1 @ 9:05pm 
Saw you in a game with the original pug and didn't realize that you were also the creator of the flying lights effect. That has been my dream unusual to get a matching pair for my gf and I ever since I saw it. Just wanted to say thanks for making so much cool stuff.
Mokky Dec 25, 2022 @ 6:22am 
:goatlook: merry crimblas!
Tat Fiddies Dec 24, 2022 @ 3:43pm 
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Tiberius Julianus Augustus Dec 7, 2022 @ 8:06pm 
Anytime! :sc_snowman::sc_sock: