TF2 Community Workshopper   Lacey, Washington, United States
Particle Mayhem Director/ Art/ Particles
Cosmetic & Unusual Effect Concept Artist / Sprite Artist / Sprite Animator.

Creative Mind behind the Pug Mug, Puggyback, Western Wraps, Batter's Beak, Bone Cone, Hollowed Helm, Festive Flip-thwomps, Frozen Icefall effect, Flying Lights effects, Elemental Ring effects, Laugh O'Lantern effects, Static Mist taunt effect, and Terrifying Thunder taunt effects!

Yes, I sign items! :)

I tend to add those who leave a positive and lasting impression on me. I try to do the same!

Age: 28
Gender: Male
Personality: Advocate []
Education: Bachelor's Game Art & Design
I am: TF2 Workshopper, Event Medal Designer, Concept Artist, Sprite Artist, Graphic Designer, Gamer

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Workshop submissions accepted for TF2: 25
Self-Made items obtained in TF2: 72

*Unusual Effect: Vicious Circle
*Unusual Effect: Ring of Fire
*Unusual Effect: White Lightning
*Unusual Effect: Violet Vortex
*Unusual Effect: Verdant Vortex
*Unusual Effect: Valiant Vortex
*Unusual Effect: Flying Lights
*Unusual Effect: Limelight
*Unusual Effect: Shining Star
*Unusual Effect: Frozen Icefall
*Unusual Effect: Polar Forecast
*Unusual Effect: Tainted Frost
*Unusual Effect: Plum Prankster
*Unusual Effect: Laugh O'Lantern
*Unusual Effect: Green Giggler
*Unusual Effect: Pumpkin Moon
*Taunt Effect: Static Mist
*Taunt Effect: Thunderous Rage
*Taunt Effect: Convulsive Fiery
*Taunt Effect: Charged Arcane
*Taunt Effect: Terrifying Thunder
*Taunt Effect: Erie Thunder
*Taunt Effect: Jarate Shock

*Pug Mug
*The Puggyback
*Western Wraps
*Batter's Beak
*Catcher's Companion
*Bone Cone
*Hollowed Helm
*Flestive Flip-thwomps

*Copenhagen Games 2019 Tournament Medals

*Copenhagen Games 2018 Tournament Medals

*Asia Fortress LAN 2018 Tournament Medals

*European TF2 League S:31 Tournament Medals

*Sacred Scouts 6v6 Tournament Medals

*Fresh Meat Prolander Tournament Medals

· TF2 Emporium
· Particle Mayhem []
· Particle Mayhem2 []
· The Puggyback Coalition
· KritzKast []
· Copenhagen Games 2018
· Copenhagen Games 2019
· European TF2 League
· Journey to the East- 2nd Place Winner
· Sacred Scout 6v6 []
· TheCustomCup []
· Fresh Meat Prolander Cup []
· Asia Fortress LAN 2018 []

Can I Buy Art From You?
If I am feeling up to it.

·Discord: @Muhai
·X: @Muhai_tf

My Art Portfolio

Team Fortress 2 Career Goals

·Aquire a Vintage Lof-fi Longwave..............[X]
·Aquire any Self-Made Item........................[X]
·Aquire a Self-Made Key.............................[X]
·Aquire a Self-Made Community Medal......[X]
·Aquire a Self-Made Unusual Cap..............[X]
·Aquire a Self-Made Misc Item....................[X]
·Aquire a Self-Made Hat item......................[X]
·Aquire a Self-Made All-Class Hat item.......[X]
·Aquire a Self-Made Cosmetic Set..............[_]
·Aquire a Self-Made Warpaint ....................[_]
·Aquire a Saxxy Award................................[_]
·Direct my own TF2 Community Event........[X]

PC Build
DigitalStorm: Lynx - Level 4 []
Workshop Showcase
All you see is red, and all you hear is the roaring of fire. The heat billows, the smoke fills your lungs, and the flames raising higher than the tallest tree, so does your fighting spirit and your will to survive. The true test of might is now, the greate
885 ratings
Status - Pending, Created by - Muhai
Artwork Showcase
Amazing featured animation by "SID Foster"
24 2 1
Featured Artwork Showcase
Lime Scout God
6 3
Favorite Group
Travel through Time and Space!
In Chat
Muhai May 2 @ 4:15pm 
Slowyrz #FreeWizat! May 2 @ 3:51pm 
Muhai, you have the best workshops i ever witnessed, lets hope they will be adding your workshops item into TF2 :steamthumbsup:
Muhai Apr 13 @ 9:43am 
Thank you, I don't personally see myself doing all that much for the community especially concidering I haven't gotten any items in as of late, but I do what I can most of the time. 🙂 still nice to see people appreciate my work despite me not being so active around tf2 for a while
Swag Apr 13 @ 12:56am 
My bad for the spam, i see you get those comments alot, either way i appreciate what you do for the community.
Muhai Apr 10 @ 4:33pm 
Sure 🤠
Captain Demo [T.S.M] Apr 10 @ 3:21pm 
Hi there, can you sign my strange soda popper?