Chris   Los Gatos, California, United States
Male looking for handsome wrong site. Anyway, I am an avid game player. I enjoy FPSs, RPGs, adventure, and some strategy (mostly RTS).

That Guy With The Glasses []

See if we have any duplicate cards we can trade []
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Totaly awesome game, I wait with baited breath for every update. It's super fun and it's only gets better every time they improve it. Buy this and their other game, Convoy, ASAP.
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"What, behind the rabbit?" "Is it the rabbt."

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+rep good trader~!
Nemesisussybaka 1 mag, ore 2:03 
Fluffy 30 apr, ore 21:15 
Luke Aang 8 mar, ore 22:48 
+rep this guy's brain has more wrinkles than an 80 year old dude's ballsack, -rep tho cuz he keeps asking me if I'll take his "cummies" as a reward for being quote "submissive and breedable" ???
Muck298 4 lug 2021, ore 1:13 
yes, much
artHICCfox 3 lug 2021, ore 21:26 
do u have muck?