Ms Serious Business
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Duncan Macleod: Highlander: ugh toy fort
Duncan Macleod: Highlander: more like boy fort
Duncan Macleod: Highlander: gay boys

HfG≈Hellawhack Shiznit: stop getting a beauty sleep and come play tf2
HfG≈Hellawhack Shiznit: stop dreaming of gumdrops and penises and come play tf2
HfG≈Hellawhack Shiznit: stop dreaming of a hot threesome with brazilian babes and come play tf2
HfG≈Hellawhack Shiznit: stop shopping for $200 dresses in your sleep and come play tf2
HfG≈Hellawhack Shiznit: stop imagining coming to play with krazy and come play tf2

3:17 AM - The Amazing Rando: Valve should make a game called Team Sex 2 (regardless of if there was an original) where 9 classes on each team try to mate with eachother and fight off other potential suitors at the same time.

8:19 PM - ђђ ¬ Mumbliepeg: wtf
8:19 PM - ђђ ¬ Mumbliepeg: you playing
8:19 PM - ђђ ¬ Mumbliepeg: is that like legos?
8:20 PM - Ms Serious Business: league of legends! eyes also is playing it lol
8:20 PM - Ms Serious Business: it's like DotA/HoN if you've ever heard of those
8:21 PM - ђђ ¬ Mumbliepeg: no i dont play strawberry shortcake

7:55 PM - decoy!!!: fishing? stop being white. go do math problems or something...shiiiieeeeeeeet

2:59 PM - (-TN-) the slowest scout: sexy messages, eh? well, it's too bad you're not actually here. i'm wearing a real hot looking man thong with tiger print. i've also got a rose held in my teeth and i'm laying on a bear skin rug in front of a roaring fire while a beautiful snow storm falls gently outside of the cabin i built with my own bare hands in aspen.

5:44 PM - v³ | coma+: truth.
5:44 PM - v³ | coma+: TRUTH.
5:44 PM - v³ | coma+: last time you milked my prostate I came like the end of the mayan calendar.
5:44 PM - v³ | coma+: pure chaos.

11:24 AM - Juicy J: "hey jesse what are you doing tonight?" "uhhhh....i'm probably gonna..." "no you are coming with me"
11:25 AM - Ms Serious Business -ts-: pick you up throw you into the backseat of the car
11:25 AM - Ms Serious Business -ts-: and just drive
11:25 AM - Ms Serious Business -ts-: while laughing maniacally
11:26 AM - Juicy J: while listening to gregorian chants lol

7:49 AM - Panda K: Dear Bosses: Patient has a serious, serious condition. Patient unable to go to work due to her serious, serious condition, known as gaming addiction. Sincerely, Ms. Serious Business, M.D.
7:50 AM - Ms Serious Business -ts-: OR To whom it may concern: This girl is too dangerous to come into work. She is an infamous heart stealer, and has already stolen mine." Sincerely, Dr. Serious Business
7:55 AM - Panda K: Dear Doctors: Serious Business, M.D. has legal matters that require her immediate attention. A class action lawsuit is being brought against her by many of her former patients who allege that she seduced them with her exotic asian-ness and subsequently engaged in sexual relations in and/or on top of hospital property. Please call Panda K, Esq. for further information.

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The Ms stands for Microsoft--because Microsoft is serious business.

Also, I'm not selling/trading anything from my backpack, so please don't add me/message me for that reason!
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